The power of your donation

Your donation will go to help support patients diagnosed with blood cancers. The money you donate can help provide financial support in the form of copay assistance, travel assistance and more. It will go towards research to find new treatments. It will go to help build a where we can beat not just blood cancers, but all cancers. 40% of all new cancer treatment started as blood cancer treatments.

Treatments for Blood Cancer



A donation of up to $500 helps with patient support. It can help defray treatment-related travel expenses for a patient. It helps fund a week’s worth of lab supplies for cancer researchers.


A gift of up to $10,000 provides a day of nursing support to patients and caregivers undergoing clinical trials. It can help fund a week of research into new treatments. Your donation can support an education conference supporting patients and their family.

up to $100k

$100,000 funds a year of research CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) T-cell immunotherapy, a groundbreaking treatment approach that genetically reprograms a patient’s own immune cells to find and attack cancer cells.


Every dollar donate goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help find cures for blood cancers. If you don’t support our campaign, we ask that you support someones.


The more people our message reaches, the more we can raise to help end the threat of blood cancers. Send our page to your friends, or share on your social channels. We appreciate every extra set of eyes.